Best Cardiologist in Thane

Cardiology & CVTS

We believe in caring for even the smallest things that make a huge difference, just like your heart. We assure the quality service that your heart desires.
Oncologist in Thane


Nursing and cherishing the fighters who didn't give up because now cancer is nothing beyond a much-hackneyed word.
Best Bariatric Surgeon in Mumbai


Tieten Medicity has mastered pioneers in the bariatric field who help conquer your insecurities and believe responsibility not only ends with performing the surgery but commences with it.
Best General Surgeon in Thane

General Surgery

Carving and refining the good to make it perfect through our actions.
Best Fertility Specialist in Thane

Gynecology & IVF

With you on this journey of motherhood, pregnancy is not a destination; it is a beautiful and worth remembering phase.
Plastic Surgeon in Thane

Plastic & Cosmetic

We help you conserve your eternal confidence and be the beautiful version of yourself.
Gastroenterologist in Thane


Where we practice enhancing the functioning of your digestive system.
Best Orthopedic Doctor in Mumbai

Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

Let your joints and bones experience a new and stress free motion of life.
Best Urologist in Thane


Flush out all the urological dilemmas that bother you.
ENT Specialist in Thane


Feel the whispers of rhythms even more closely.
Best Neurologist in Thane

Neurology & Neurosurgery

Your brain shall rejoice our care.
Best Skin Specialist in Mumbai


Because external beauty is equally important as your inner beauty.
Best Ophthalmologist in Thane


Don't let temporary obstacles stop you from achieving your vision and goals.
Best Dentist in Thane


As special as your smile. Every minute, someone is joining the line to get a beautiful smile, so don't let sensitivity take all the attention you deserve!
Best Hematologist in Thane


Offering a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to heal your haematological illness because your existence is our responsibility.
Best Psychiatrist in Thane


One step closer towards a flawless mental health.
Best Clinical Dietician in Thane

Clinical Dietician

Because a decent diet and a balanced lifestyle heal you better than a surgeon ever could.
Best Chest Medicine in Thane

Chest Medicine

Advanced treatment combined with relentless care, now everything is within reach only at Tieten Medicity.
Best ICU Hospital in Thane

ICU & Critical Care Unit's

Where every second of your life counts.
Best Paediatrician in Thane


A revolutionized treatment for new generations.
Best Radiologist in Thane


Efficient, effective, persistent and reliable radiodiagnosis under one roof.
Best Anesthesiologist in Thane


Every experience is magical when the most eminent anaesthesiologist has your back.
Best Kidney Specialist in Thane


Working for a cause where we not only aim to render the best but also educate. General.
Best Physiotherapist in Thane


Desired results, trustworthy procedures and iconic treatment.

We are pleased to offer you the chance to have healthy life.

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