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M.S. (ENT), DORL-Mumbai
Consultant EAR, NOSE ,THROAT & Neck Surgeon, Skull Base Fellowship Ohio State University (USA)

About ENT

ENT, also called otolaryngology, is a department that offers medical and surgical services to address complications related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck regions. Medical practitioners rehearsing otolaryngology are called OtorhinolaryngologistsENT is divided into three different parts having numerous subdivisions underneath.


People with Acoustic neuroma, infectious myringitis, Otosclerosis, Otitis media, Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, acute mastoiditis, Blast injury, Otitis externa, Meniere’s disease, herpes zoster, Presbycusis, Hyperacusis, Cholesteatoma and vestibular neuronitis are referred to as an Otorhinolaryngologist or an Ear Doctor.



The nose is one of the primary organs in the human body; it lets air into the body and does various other functions. The Otolaryngology department at Tieten Medicity offers medical and surgical services for nose disorders. Nose Specialists are called Otorhinolaryngologists. People with sinusitis, deviated septum, nasal polyps and fractures, congestion, paranasal sinus diseases, nose bleeding, epistaxis, leakage of cerebrospinal fluid, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia are referred to a nose doctor or an otorhinolaryngologist.


The health care team at Tieten Medicity includes the Best ENT doctors in Mumbai and Thane who perform both invasive and non-invasive medical procedures to cure the nasal malady. There are a few surgeries that we have expertise in for a nasal diagnosis.

  • Endoscopic nose surgery(Nasal endoscopy),
  • Turbinate reduction,
  • Septoplasty,
  • Rhinoseptoplasty,
  • Rhinoplasty(open, closed),
  • Cystic fibrosis,
  • Inferior Turbinate Reduction,
  • Nasal Valve Surgery.
  • Throat.


Many bodily changes may take place depending upon the type of disease. One should never ignore such attestation, and getting immediate medical care in such severe cases through the best ENT specialist in Thane is advised.

  • Dryness of throat,
  • Changes in voice (hoarseness),
  • Tenacious throat irritation,
  • Swollen tonsils,
  • Odynophagia,
  • Tickling/itchiness in the throat,
  • Throat pain,
  • Swollen tonsils,
  • Phlegm buildup,
  • White patches(throat, tonsils) and
  • Sore throats are some of the indications for throat disorders.

ENT Surgeries:

  • Endoscopic thyroid surgery (Minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of thyroid diseases)
  • Thyroid Nodules ( removal of the majority of thyroid tissue)
  • Tracheotomy (an opening in the neck for the insertion of a tube into a person’s windpipe)
  • Coblation tonsillectomy (tonsils removal)
  • Micro laryngeal surgery (removal of granulomas, benign cysts in the larynx)
  • Tonsils and Adenoids (removal of enlarged tonsils in children)
  • Pharyngectomy (pharynx removal)
  • Tonsillectomy (removal of 2 two oval-shaped pads of tissue) are a few invasive procedures that fall under the range of our treatments.
  • Blockage of the upper airway, Epiglottitis, Glossopharyngeal neuralgia,
  • Herpangina,
  • Laryngitis,
  • Laryngoscopy,
  • Oropharynx lesion biopsy,
  • Retropharyngeal abscess,
  • Strep throat,
  • throat swab culture.

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