Oncologists - Our Specialists

M S, HBNI Fellowship (Tata Memorial Hospital)
Consultant Head & Neck Cancer Surgeon

MBBS, M.D, D.M (Medical Oncology), ECM, PDCR
Consultant Oncologist, Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy Specialist

MBBS, M.D (Medicine), D.M- Gold Medalist (Medical Oncology)
Consultant Oncologist, Hematologist & Bone Marrow Specialist

M.S. (General Surgery), Mch Surgical Oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital)
Fellowship in Laparoscopic Colorectal Malignancy & Cytoreductive & Surgery (CRS, HIPEC, PIPAC)

About Oncology:

The Department of Oncology at Tieten Medicity is one of the biggest and most comprehensive cancer treatments which is known for its excellent patient care and clinical outcomes. Cancer specialists are called oncologists. Some of the most common type of Cancers are:

  • Lung Cancer,
  • Prostate Cancer,
  • Oral Cancer,
  • Ovary Cancer,
  • Cervix Cancer,
  • Kidney Cancer,
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Liver Cancer,
  • Colo-rectum Cancer,
  • Stomach Cancer,
  • Breast Cancer,
  • Bladder Cancer,
  • Uterine Cancer,
  • Thyroid Cancer etc.

Tieten Medicity has been known as one of the best cancer hospital in Thane and Mumbai region wherein Medical oncologists work in coordination with Oncosurgeons and radiotherapists for delivering the treatment. The team consists of some best oncologist in Mumbai and Thane along with the best oncosurgery team in Mumbai and Thane region to help these patients obtain effective care and the best possible quality of life.

Medical Oncology:

A modality of treatment in cancer care that practices Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy, Immunotherapy, and Targeted Therapy to administer Cancer is called Medical OncologyMedical Oncology serves in association with Surgical Oncology and Radiation Oncology to deliver favorable clinical outcomes. Tieten Medicity’s Medical Oncology unit works towards preventing, diagnosing, and healing Cancer by endeavoring the treatment etiquettes. Our medical oncology service comprises treatments for:

Surgical Oncology:

Surgical Oncology concentrates on the surgical management of tumors, primarily cancerous tumors, and Oncosurgery is performed to eliminate cancer cells and other cancer symptoms. At Tieten Medicity, all kinds of surgeries are performed by the best oncologists in Mumbai and Thane depending on the patient’s clinical status, stage, and type of Cancer. surgery is adequate for cancers at the initial stage, whereas most of the advanced tumors necessitate multi-modality treatment. Surgeries are administered for Head & Neck Cancers, Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Gynaecological Tumors, Lung and Esophagus (Food Pipe), Anorectal Cancers, and Bone & Soft Tissue Cancer. 

The Centre has erected a wide range of experts like radiation oncologists, radiologists, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, and nuclear medicine physicians working round the clock for extended patient service, having years of experience to form an integrated clinical team in treating the simplest to the most complex infirmities of Cancer. Tieten Medicity being the super specialty Oncology Hospital in Mumbai and Thane, provide the most eminent quality of Cancer Care in a compassionate, cultured, and considerate environment that is based on the most developed scientific guidelines at an affordable expense.

Services We Offer:




Every year, countless patients choose Tieten Medicity for required surgeries as our onco surgeons have expertise in executing high volumes of operations ranging from uncomplicated, minimally invasive procedures to complex and critical operations comprising various surgical specializations.

We are dedicated to rendering the highest quality cancer care to all our patients with unrelenting attention to clinical excellence and patients to ensure the best possible outcomes and complete patient’s satisfaction as Oncologists at Tieten Medicity collaborate with specialists of other departments to provide integrated, and multidisciplinary care to our patients.

Tieten Medicity oncologists actively contribute their knowledge to the research in our Cancer Center, designated as the most comprehensive and top cancer hospital in Mumbai and Thane. The Tieten Medicity Oncology Department ranks in the top tier of the best cancer hospital in Thane for cancer research, treatment and education. Our cancer specialists have years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of every kind of cancer.

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