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M D-General Medicine, DM-Gastroenterology
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Endoscopist

MBBS, MS – General Surgery

MBBS, M.S. – General Surgery, MCh – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery
Consultant Urologist

MBBS, M.S. – General Surgery, MCh – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery
Consultant Urologist

About Urology

Urology is nothing but the medicinal department that deals with the disarrays linked with male and female urinary tract alongside male’s reproductive organs. Under the roof of urology, it includes the treatment and maladies of a few organs namely

  • kidney,
  • ureters,
  • urethra,
  • adrenal glands,
  • urinary bladder, and
  • the male reproductive organs namely prostate, vas deferens, epididymis, testes, seminal vesicles, and penis.

Activity sectors accompanied by Urology are medicine and surgery. Urological problems of both males and females have various branches under them. Urological disorders are often interconnected with the organs responsible for the same. This may affect the functioning and give birth to numerous other urological disorders in a human being.

Traits of Urological Disorders

The medical practitioner who is known to be rehearsing in the field of Urology is tagged as a urologist. Symptoms and indications showing your way to the possibility of the urological disorder may vary considerably. Depending upon the patient’s health, the traits can fluctuate from mild and curable to disruptive and fatal. There is a humongous range of organs that form the human urinary system. Malfunctioning or failure of even a signal organ associated with the urinary tract may prove to be dangerous. Not only severe disease that affects the urological organs but also the count of infections and viruses is equally unceasing. Considering all these points and converting them into a globe few of the major and common traits are given below.


Tieten Medicity has a team of the Best Urologists in Mumbai and Thane  who are quite experienced in the urological department and all the other fields of medicine. Apart from doctors and other medical staff who are 24 by 7 serving our patients with diligence and succour. Our hospital is well equipped and fully furnished with all the necessary and advanced medical impediments. Alongside we also perform kidney transplants with the help of our Best Urologist in Thane. There are few endoscopic procedures for our urological patients namely:

Some of the other paramount open procedures are as follows:

The urological medical procedure is the combination of careful exercises for the pelvis, the colon, urogenital, and Gynaecological organs. Essentially for the therapy of obstructions, malignancies, and inflammatory illnesses.

Services We Offer:

Male Urology

Female Urology

Tieten Medicity is one of the Best Urologists in Thane is a part of Tieten Medicity as well who has conducted several successful urological surgeries, cured kidney stones, and kidney transplants. Urology is known as one of the horrendous and competitive surgical departments of medical science. Commencing with the precaution till the diagnosis is all covered in this branch of therapy. It is sadly enigmatic to get the desired outcome every time but when handled by the best urologist in thane or near you can increase the probability of being safe and cured accurately and as expected.

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Best Urology Surgery Hospital in Thane

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