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Anesthesia is a pharmaceutically aided specialized art that is concerned with the entire Perioperative smooth sailing of patients before, during, and after surgery.

The art of anesthesia involves judicious usage of a combination of medicines to give controlled temporary loss of sensation/awareness. It may include amnesia (loss of memory during the stage), paralysis (muscle relaxation), and analgesia (relief of pain sensation). According to the requirement of Surgery – Anesthesia maybe

1.) General Anesthesia,

2.) Regional Anesthesia,

3.) Local Anesthesia.

The Department of anesthesiology at Tieten Medicity has the Best Anesthesiologists Team in Mumbai and Thane. Besides, it encompasses anesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine, pain medicine, and other anesthetic services 24×7 for the whole year. A physician specialized in the field of anesthesiology is called an anesthesiologist. Our institution has eternally been on the go to enhance every feature of care, procedures, and facilities for patients’ safety since the inception of the hospital in 2015.

Department of anesthesiology at Tieten Medicity is managed efficiently and led by one of the Best Anesthesiologists in Thane, Dr. Devendra Deshmukh and Dr. Rimzim N. Jialdasani, who is a well-qualified and highly experienced full-time anesthesiology doctor having expertise and acquaintances in this sector of surgical and diagnostic procedures of medicine and other medical staff with us is equally capable. Alongside, we are ably supported by the safe anesthesia care rendered to the patients, advanced anesthesia workstations, and most cultured devices like video laryngoscope, a peripheral nerve stimulator, ultrasound machine, TEE fiberoptic bronchoscope, whereas apparatus for invasive monitoring like central venous pressure and arterial blood pressure.


  • Sedatives, analgesics,
  • Local anesthesia,
  • Regional anesthesia (spinal anesthetic, epidural anesthetic, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, and Truncal Blocks), and
  • General anesthesia 

These are various forms of Anesthesia given to patients depending upon the type of surgery also the medical condition of the patient is monitored before to design the appropriate anesthetic for surgery. Regional Anaesthesia is assisted by Ultrasonography, whereas for general anesthesia, various pharmacological tools are utilized. General Anaesthesia technique for difficult airway is managed by using video laryngoscope or fiberoptic bronchoscope.

Preoperative evaluation is a stage where the case or patient is assessed in our OPD before surgical execution. During postoperative monitoring, all instances are studied after the healing area’s operation under the surveillance of well-trained nurses and anesthesiologists. At Tieten Medicity, we offer ICU backup for critically ill patients who require intense monitoring and management post-operatively. The Department also extends services to CT Scan, Cath Lab, Radiology, Endoscopy Suite, and Labour Suite.

Numerous anesthesia drugs and services are available at Tieten Medicity. They endeavor at the operation theatre for every extensive surgery like General & Laparoscopic SurgeryOrthopedic SurgeryOncoSurgery, ENT (Otolaryngology)Ophthalmic SurgeryPlastic SurgeryNeuro SurgeryObstetrics & Gynaecological Surgery, Dental Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, etc.

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Best Anesthesiologists In Thane

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