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Vedant Hospital is now Tieten Medicity which has finished 5 years overall, and close to 1 lakh + people worldwide for inpatient and outpatient approaches. Tieten Medicity is one of the leading integrated healthcare service providers in India. All thanks to our excellence in health care and are working to better medical care within the country. This hospital has established itself now as one of the main multispecialty centers for healthcare services at Thane. Our hospitals incorporate premium brand healthcare assets that are among the most prestigious in the world.

From the Director's Desk:

Tieten Medicity in the last few months have seen activity and growth of unprecedented scale, and with the help of its doctors, staff, and paramedical staff, has achieved this. During the covid pandemic, Tieten Medicity has been one of the best centers for healthcare realted issues and ICU care in the city. Our healthcare institution is very fortunate that our surgeons and other medical staff are leaders in their fields and looked upon as iconic figures in the medical fraternity. We firmly believe in one of the Sanskrit inscriptions, “Aarogyam Dhanasampada,” which means “The foundation of success in life is good health”.

The hospital is known for its center of surgical excellence like Cardiac services, Laparoscopic and General surgery department, biggest Oncology center in Thane, Intensive care and General medicine, Gynaec and IVF department, ENT and Neurosurgery department, to name a few. The different specialty departments like Ophthalmology, Dental Care, Uro Surgery, Hematology, General Surgery, Physiotherapy, and many more are the hospital’s backbone/pillar and have strengthened our healthcare institution. In the past few years, our hospital has successfully transformed its image and services towards patients, and with the addition of these new departments and centers of excellence, we aim for further growth and hope to achieve unprecedented success.

Our Director’s vision is to add more people with us in the healing and curing journey and make it the most sought aftercare provider in the healthcare industry. We aim to provide care and support to all groups of patients from each stratum of society at an affordable price with satisfactory outcomes with excellence in all the services offered to our patients. We sight to encourage the environment of research and academic excellence for the hospital and its doctors. We have established a strong track record and accumulated an impressive reputation for delivering quality healthcare through life-changing and life-saving patient care and practices.

Some supplementary changes we aspire to bring are :

  1. Introduction of Hemato-oncology services to treat malignancies like leukemia and Lymphomas.
  2. Setting up of PET CT scan center.
  3. To establish a Transplant program (RENAL, HEART, LIVER).
  4. To establish a world-class Heart Failure & ECMO Programme.

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