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About Bariatric

Bariatric is a field of medicine that deals with causes, prevention and treatment of obesity. This field incorporates dieting, planned meals and food intake accordingly and some therapeutic medications in order to lose weight. Though having a control on food intake, exercise and meditations alone shall fail to cut down the extreme and excessive amount of fat amalgamated in a human’s body. And to avoid such situations, we, the topmost and best institution for Bariatric Surgery provide not only the safest surgery, but also we have the best Bariatric Surgeons who you can trust blindly.

If you are suffering from obesity and have been unable to lose weight following a strict diet, exercise regimen, and other treatments, Bariatric Surgery may be an option for you.

Bariatric Surgery is a type of weight-loss surgery for people with extreme obesity. The two most common types of Bariatric Surgeries are:

1. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB)

2. Adjustable gastric banding (AGB)

As with any surgical procedure, Bariatric Surgeries carry risks and benefits. In general, the benefits outweigh the risks in those who have not been able to lose weight through other treatments or lifestyle changes alone.


Along with obesity, there comes many other critical health issues which may be fatal. And to cure the same, we’ve some more good news for you which is, our Bariatric Surgeons top the list of one of the Best Bariatric Treatments.

So few symptoms or traits are given :

Such complex cases we have seen commonly in the new generation as binge eating now is a trend. And to hop on the trend people ignore their health and unknowingly give birth to such severe conditions.

Services We Offer:

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index plays a very pivotal role in obesity. It usually is used to measure whether the concerned person is fit, underweight or overweight.

An ideal BMI of a normal and healthy human should rank between 18.5 to 24.9.

About The Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is usually or in layman’s term thought as weight loss surgery which is intended to disturb the digestive tract/method which will interrupt the procedure and will unable the way proteins, nutrients, calories and other necessary substances are absorbed into your body. This will directly impact on your intake and will make you consume less, which is what we want to cure an obesity problem.

The processing technique starts inside the mouth any place food is bitten and blended. The food at that point arrives at the midsection where it’s blended in with natural squeezes and balanced so supplements and calories are ingested. Assimilation at that point turns out to be snappier as food moves into the small digestive tract any place it’s blended in with nerve and stomach related liquid. Bariatric Medical Procedure may bring down death rates for patients with serious fat, especially when joined by good dieting and legitimate exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bariatric surgery helpful?

Bariatric treatment is not just about diminishing excessive fat from the body which is usually done under the supervision of the safest i.e., by the best bariatric surgeons in Mumbai. But it also involves two different types of surgeries. One is Restrictive Surgery and the second is Malabsorptive Surgery. In Restrictive surgery, the size of the stomach is physically restricted which causes less intake of food. Whereas in Malabsorptive Surgery, the way through which your digestive tract absorbs food is changed or distributed or cut off the usual flow.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of weight loss surgery?

Advantages - Gastric Banding is nothing but a small and safe invasive surgery with a tiny incision, a laparoscope and few mandatory surgical instruments. - People most of the times think about cut and scratch when heard about surgery, but in this case, it is all opposite. There's no cut expected in the intestine or stomach. In fact, the recovery after bariatric surgery is quite speedy. - The band can later be tightened or loosened according to the behavioural changes of body post-surgery. - No serious complications are expected. Disadvantages - Weight can be regained over the years automatically. (Exception) - Such bariatric surgery may lead to a re-operation based on the post-surgery condition of the body.

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