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Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that is known for curing the complications related to the musculoskeletal system. This compact system incorporates joints, ligaments, muscles, bones, tendons, and nerves, which enables you to move and be active.

The physicians rehearsing in this unit of therapeutics are termed as orthopedists or orthopedic surgeons. The activities involved in this sector are medicine as well as surgery depending upon the patient’s condition. Many times such joint disarray can be caused because of numerous reasons. It can give birth to a lot of temporary as well as resistant strains in your joints and bones. 

Usually, such trouble is noticed after the patient has witnessed a fracture due to an accident or otherwise arthritis, articular cartilage, or maybe due to excessive physical activities. An extensive growth has been revised in recent years in the field of not only Orthopedics but all sorts of medical disorders that are life-threatening, however, the problems connected to bones are not fatal.


Our team of the Best Orthopedic doctors in Mumbai and Thane is fully dedicated and committed to the invention and ably supported by the primmest technology for the regimen. Remedies to cure various types of Orthopedic conditions differs. For instance, not all illnesses are made for surgeries and not all maladies can be cured by medicines. If you are looking for healthy bones and want to make sure whether all the rooms for having the same are filled then visiting the best orthopedic hospital in Thane is recommended. We provide you with the elite services and some of our checkups include;


Tieten Medicity Multi-specialty Hospital is recognized as one of the Best Orthopedic Hospitals in Mumbai and Thane and prominently for the services and cares we provide. Treating the needy with the least amount of pain and distress and 100% satisfaction has been the motto since forever. Understanding, knowledge, and pursuance of our doctors are not only the orthopedic field but in all such major medical units are beyond excellence and commendable as well. Hence they rank as the Best Orthopedic Doctors in Mumbai and Thane. The best orthopedic hospital in Thane is ours, alongside with great power comes great responsibilities so we assure whoever has entered our institution with hopes we offer a few major diagnostics and screening that too in a pocket-friendly package.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the appropriate time to undergo a knee replacement?

There is no precise formula for choosing when you should have a knee replacement. The foremost purpose to have it done is pain, but if you have tried all the other figures of non-operative treatments, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and injections then you may think of opting for surgery. An orthopaedic surgeon will firstly carry out a thorough examination and monitor the report post examination. Thereafter, you'll be informed about the next step.

How can I avoid surgery?

Before you count on surgery, your orthopaedic will urge you to attempt several non-surgical approaches. They might include physical therapy, acupuncture, steroid and hyaluronic injections, weight loss and several other anti-inflammatory medications. In some cases, the above-listed solutions may help manage and sustain knee problems. However, if the symptoms worsen, it may also affect your quality of life and in such circumstances, your orthopaedic may recommend you for surgery and if TKR is delayed then it may result in more complex operations.

What happens during surgery, and how long does it take for the surgery?

An incision is made over the front of your knee to flash the damaged area. The Size of standard incision often varies from nearly 6–10 inches in length. During the operation, the operator migrates your kneecap to the side and cuts off the damaged cartilage and a diminutive amount of bone, and then replace the damaged tissue with new metal/plastic components.The components consolidate to form an artificial joint that is biologically congenial and imitates the movement of your natural knee.Often knee replacement procedures take 60-90 minutes to perform

What is an artificial knee?

Artificial knee implants are made of elements like metal and medical-grade plastic called polyethene.

How long will the artificial knee joint last?

More than 82% trusted roots of total knee replacements are still functioning 25 years later. However, it largely depends upon the lifestyle. Consulting your orthopaedic about the situation is always advised.

What movements will I be capable to get engaged in?

Often patients require an assistive device like a walker, crutches, or cane for almost 3 weeks after knee replacement surgery.
Riding a stationary bike, walking, and swimming after 6–8 weeks can be done with excessive care. Running, jumping, as well as other high-impact activities must be avoided.

Orthopaedics in Thane

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