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About Dermatology

Dermatology is a department of pharmaceutical execution that is especially known for dealing with the skin, tack(nail), and hair associated disorders. Specialist rehearsing in this science of medicine is known as a Dermatologist. Some of the significant diseases in the unit of Dermatology are:

  • acne,
  • hair loss,
  • skin cancer,
  • skin infections,
  • eczemas,
  • burn etc.


Alongside, few significant tests required for Dermatology are skin biopsy, urine test and blood tests. Protagonists practising in the field of Dermatology perform multiple types of necessary surgeries and medicine-based treatments to cure a vast range of illness related to dermatology. Tieten Medicity being the Best Dermatology Hospital in Mumbai and Thane is widely recognized for its advanced and quality services in dermatological treatment.


Dermatological conditions are  noticed in more than 40% of the population not only in India but worldwide. It mainly involves diseases related to hair, skin, and nail. Most of the diseases are not fatal and not a matter of concern and stress. Dermatological conditions are curable in most of the cases, however, proper cure, care and prevention is mandatory to get rid of dermatological illnesses. Skin being the most humungous and the most striking part of the human body, it deserves utmost care and attention

Skin Diseases symptoms:

Nail Diseases symptoms:

Hair Diseases symptoms:

Therapies and Surgeries:

Tieten Medicity is known for being the Best Dermatology Hospital in Thane alongside we have the team of skillful, experienced, and best dermatologist in thane. All the skin specialists, hair specialist, and nail specialist with us are highly knowledgeable and prominent. However, therapies given by the Dermatologists in all the above-mentioned field are unceasing at the same time it is not bound to the following:

With access to

24 Hour




Frequently Asked Questions

What is skin cancer and whether it is curable?

Skin cancer is a very commonly observed type cancer both in male and female. However, it can't be ignored and sometimes it can prove to be life-threatening. 3 main types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. UV ray can be a major reason due to which skin cancer is caused. Skin cancer is curable and preventable when cured under the supervision of best dermatologist in Mumbai or best dermatologist in thane.

What are the risks associated with heart surgery?

While going for heart surgery or diagnosis, the question may arise if there's any risk or side effects for the same, so here's a clear answer to this. Though the surgery may seem difficult and risky, most of the times the results are extremely positive. But bleeding, fever, infection or swelling, reactions and side effects to anesthesia, irregular heartbeats, stroke (may cause permanent or temporary damage), damage to tissue in the heart, kidney, liver and lungs can be caused.

Dermatology in Thane

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