Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Joshi A
Primary Specialty Pediatrician/Child Specialist
Experience 17+ Years
Education & Training
Medical Education MBBS, DCH (Mumbai), PGDM, PGDGM
Practice Areas Behavioural disorders, New-born Clinic, Complete Health- Check-up for Well - baby, Treatment of all Pediatric diseases....


Dr Joshi has keen interest in treatment of Renal/ Urine conditions like Recurrent Urine infections, Pyelonephritis and Bed-wetting. He has successfully managed various Liver/ Gall bladder diseases like Hepatitis, Ascitis as well as Nutritional/ Iron deficiency Anemia, Thalessemia and G6PD

Management of childhood seizures, developmental delay and behavioral disorders like Autism/ ADHD are his interest areas.

Nutrition Clinics started for feeding advice to kids below 1 year and for picky eaters above 1 year age works on parental counseling, along with medical management of underlying conditions.
Common illness like infections, fever, Respiratory & GI diseases are quickly managed.

Behavioural disorders with Treatment of all pediatric diseases

Academic Qualification & Clinical Experience:

  • MBBS
  • DCH (Mumbai)
  • PGDM

Services Offered

  • Behavioural disorders
  • New-born Clinic
  • Complete Health- Check-up for Well – baby
  • Treatment of all Pediatric diseases
  • OPD Consultations/ IPD Admissions
  • Vaccination for Neonates, Children & Adolescents
  • Developmental Pediatrics,
  • Nutrition Clinics/ Diet Consultation
  • Phlebotomies/ Blood sampling by experts
  • Nebulizations
  • Day-Care Management

Professional Memberships

Certifications, affiliations, and any awards or recognitions received as the Pediatrician, instilling confidence in potential patients:

  • Author of 2 Indian Guidelines for Critical care settings.
  • Various textbooks as editor & author on medical conditions.

Doctors Achievements

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