What is Headache, Types of Headache, Causes & Diagnosis

What is Headache, Types of Headache, Causes & Diagnosis

What is Headache, Types of Headache, Causes & Diagnosis

What is Headache?

Headache is a pain in the head or neck, typically on one side. Headaches are usually caused by stress, hunger, lack of sleep, dehydration, or sinus problems. The pain in the head is a neurological symptom that is usually caused by an irritation or inflammation of the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles.

Headache is the most common type of pain. It is a common problem and can be caused by various things such as stress, anxiety, depression, sinusitis, high blood pressure, migraines and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Types Of Headache –

There are many different types of headaches, but in general, they can be classified into two groups: primary and secondary.
Primary headaches are not caused by any other condition and can be further divided into three categories: tension headache, cluster headache and migraine.
Secondary headaches occur when there is another underlying cause for the pain such as an infection or tumour.

Primary causes of headaches include:

  1. Tension Headaches.
  2. Cluster Headaches.
  3. Migraine Headaches.

Secondary causes include:

  1. Infection (viral or bacterial)
  2. Injury.

How to Diagnose Headache –

Headaches are the most common type of pain in the world. Headaches are a symptom of many different conditions and can be debilitating for some people. The diagnosis is usually made by taking a medical history and performing a physical examination. There are many different tests that can be performed to rule out potential causes of headaches.

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